5 Ways to Buy Your First Catcoin

Did you know that there’s now a crypto coin for cats called catcoins? The creators of the digital currency, Cryptosphere, are looking for adoption for their new project. This is not the first crypto coin to be used in an animal-related venture, however. Here are five ways that you can purchase your very own catcoin.

What is Catcoin?

Catcoins are a digital currency that you can purchase for your own cat. This is not the first crypto coin to be used in an animal-related venture, however. There are already some other cryptocurrencies being used to purchase animal-related products and services. The creators of these coins, Cryptosphere, are looking for adoption for their new project – adopting cats as well as raising awareness about how blockchain technology is beneficial to animals. Here are a few ways you can purchase your very own catcoin.

How to Buy Your First Catcoin

First things first, you’ll need an online wallet. There are many different online wallets to choose from, but there are two that Cryptosphere creators recommend. One is KryptoKit and the other is MyEtherWallet. You’ll want to choose the one that allows you to store your tokens. Next, you’ll need to buy some catcoins with a credit card or PayPal so that you can use them to purchase goods from the Cryptosphere website.

Once you have some catcoins in your digital wallet and on cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s time for some shopping! The Cryptosphere team has set up a list of goods for sale on their website. These items include t-shirts, socks, and plush toys with your favorite feline’s image on them. You can also purchase purebred cats and kittens, as well as adoption certificates that will allow you to adopt a new friend.

Last but not least, if you’re feeling generous, why not donate some catcoins? You can use your new crypto coin to help out fellow Cryptosphere supporters by donating them to animal shelters or adopting a local animal in need of a home!

5 Ways to Get Cryptocurrency for Your New Cat

You are not the only one who’s interested in getting their hands on some catcoin. There are many people looking for ways to buy and sell catcoins, as well. If you’re looking for a way to get your own cryptocurrency without having to invest in mining equipment, or if you want to trade your coins on an exchange, these are five ways that you can do so.

Make the buy on your picked stage

All things considered, buying crypto with government-issued money like the U.S. Dollar will be more straightforward than buying it with another crypto.

Assuming you really do need to buy CAT COIN with another crypto, you’ll have to initially make a crypto wallet that upholds CAT COIN, then you’ll purchase the main money and use it to purchase CAT COIN on the stage you picked.

Assuming that you stall out, most stages give guides. However, on the off chance that they don’t, there is an energetic local area of crypto aficionados that have likely posted guides on Youtube, Twitter, and somewhere else.


If you’re wondering how to buy your first Catcoin, look no further! We’ve got all the information you need to know.

A quick overview of what Catcoin is, how to get your first coins, and five ways to use them with your new feline friend.

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