God of War TV Series May Be Coming To Prime Video

After months of speculation and rumors, a new God of War TV series may be hitting prime video. This God of War TV show would be the first-ever television series to feature the Norse God Kratos. If this is actually happening, it will be interesting to see what tone and story they go with for this series. For a long time now, Kratos has been the only big name in gaming who hasn’t had his own TV show or movie yet. Whether you are a huge lore nerd like me or just love Kratos as a character, there is no doubt that we’ll all tune in to this new series when it finally comes out.

God of War TV Series Leak

Earlier this week, a listing for the God of War TV series appeared on Amazon’s website. The listing was quickly removed, but not before some people got a preview of what the show might look like.

The leak was hinting that the new show would be available on Prime Video. Since Netflix and other streaming services haven’t published any of their own shows yet, it seems highly likely that this is actually happening. If you’re interested in watching the God of War TV series when it finally comes out, you can sign up for Prime Video to see if it’s available in your area.

What Will the Series Be About?

This new series will follow Kratos as he goes on a journey to find his son, who has been taken by Ares. The catch is that the show won’t be a direct adaptation of God of War and this new story will feature different gods and mythologies. But even with all the changes, I think it will still give the fans what they want.

We don’t know much about the story yet but according to Deadline, “It will be a reboot of sorts, following Kratos in a different time period in ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt with a fresh take on the mythology from which the game series sprang.”

Who Should Be Cast in the Role of Kratos?

One of the most important aspects of a TV show or movie is casting. Casting is vital to the success of any TV show or movie because it sets the tone and story for the production. If you are going to cast Kratos in a new TV show, there are a few people I think would be perfect for this role that may not be in the game industry at all.

The first person who comes to mind is Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has a deep voice and an imposing presence that would make him perfect for this role. He also has experience playing characters with dark pasts and says he wouldn’t mind doing Kratos if asked by someone.

Another actor who would fit into this role well is Michael Shannon, who has proven himself as an actor with incredible talents across many different genres. He could play Kratos as something other than angry and violent; he has played plenty of different types of roles in his career so far, so you know he can handle it.

Lastly, there’s Kevin Spacey, who is one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors today. In addition to being great at playing dark characters, Spacey might be able to take on the role emotionally knowing what it takes to create such a powerful performance from an audience member’s perspective. It would definitely be interesting to see how these three actors can handle the character Kratos if they were cast in a God of War TV series on

Who Should Direct the Series?

One of the most important questions when considering a new TV show or movie is who should direct it. In the case of God of War, no one really knows who should be directing it. This is because there has not been any official confirmation yet that the series will actually happen. However, according to reports, a “highly-placed source” told Variety about this new TV show and that it could potentially be directed by David Slade.

What Tone Will The Series Have?

We don’t know what tone the series will have yet. But it may be set in the past and focused on Kratos as a father to his son. It could be more of an action-thriller with a heavy focus on suspense. Or, it could be more about Kratos coming full circle and trying to reconnect with his son to make up for a lost time. We’ll have to wait and see.

How Long Will the Series Be?

The first season of the God of War TV series will be 10 episodes long. And while we don’t know the release date, it seems that they are considering a 2019 release.


God of War is one of the most memorable video game series ever, and the TV series looks like it’s in the works.

The game is about an angry Greek warrior Kratos who wrestles with his past, sets out on a revenge-fueled quest for destruction, and finally settles his score with his son, Atreus.

If you’re looking for a show that’s not afraid to dive into dark themes and violent content, then you’ll want to watch God of War. The series will be produced by Sony Pictures Television and David S. Goyer, who has previously worked on other successful TV shows such as Man In The High Castle and Game Of Thrones.

The game is set in ancient Greece with the game’s story taking place 20 years before the original God of War game. The series will follow Kratos as he leaves his family behind to fight across Greece and eventually on Mount Olympus to take on his ultimate enemy.

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