Wiiyii OBD + GPS Head Up Display review

The Wiiyii C1 heads-up display is a two-for-one that can integrate data from the car’s onboard diagnostics and its own GPS receiver. This allows the HUD to show a good amount of on-the-road data. While the device is a great way to see what’s going on inside your car without taking your eyes off the road, it still lacks the ability to add data from a phone and display turn-by-turn directions. Still, at $56, it’s a great bargain.

Price and availability

One of the best deals in heads-up display technology, Wiiyii C1 provides a lot for its $56 price tag. The company also sells a variety of direct-view auxiliary gauges.

Design and features

About half the size of the Hudway Drive, Wiiyii has managed to squeeze a lot of automotive technology into the C1 heads-up display. Also known as the OBD + GPS Head-Up Display, the C1 has a matte black plastic case that measures 4.3 x 5.0 x 3.5 inches. Unfortunately, it does without the Drive’s fold-out base extensions, which would offer a more solid connection with the dashboard. It weighs 4.4 ounces.

Like the Drive, the Wiiyii C1 has a 1.8-inch color liquid crystal screen that projects an image onto a concave plastic screen. The projector can’t project an image onto the inside of the windshield but worked well during the day and nighttime use. It folds flat to have a 1.7-inch profile when not in use.

The unit comes with an on/off switch and a control button that lets you adjust what the device is projecting. It’s capable of displaying more than a dozen items, from engine and car speed to air-fuel ratio, turbocharger pressure, and any diagnostic fault codes.

There are also alerts for driving too fast, if the battery is under Undervoltage or if the coolant gets too hot. Sadly the design doesn’t link with a phone.


Wiiyii says that all cars should be able to use the C1 HUD. The logic here is that even if the onboard diagnostics connection doesn’t work, the unit can rely on the standalone GPS receiver.

Bundled in the box were a 12-volt accessory adapter and cable for powering the GPS module on its own. For me, its installation started with plugging the OBD module into the car’s diagnostic port. The unit does without the Hudway Drive’s stick-on wire guides, but the OBD cable was flat enough to squeeze into the dashboard gaps.

The heads-up display lit up straight away, showing the default design scheme with a large numeric speedometer. It’s easy to mix numbers and graphics to show speed in the middle, with visual bar graphs showing specs like voltage and engine temperature on the sides.


After plugging the C1’s OBD plug into the port on my 2014 Audi A4 Allroad, it quickly connected with the GPS satellites and started showing data. The unit was also able to keep up as driving conditions changed, including speeding up and braking.

While the built-in GPS means the C1 can run acceleration and braking tests, it still lacks a phone link – meaning you won’t get turn-by-turn directions like those on the Hudway Drive.

Bottom line

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to augment your car’s myriad of gauges with a heads-up display, the Wiiyii C1 does the trick. The unit packs in a powerful projector, built-in screen, and the ability to draw from both the car’s onboard diagnostics and GPS.

But although the Wiiyii C1 can show a wide variety of information, it’s still let down by the fact it can’t link with your phone. The design is also tall enough to obstruct the view ahead, depending on where you position it on your dash. Still, it just might be the best $56 you can spend on your vehicle.

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