Monster Hunter Rise Review

Monster Hunter Rise has arrived on PC, delivering some of the most polished beast-bashing action in franchise history. Set in the Japan-esque Kamura village and surrounding regions, Rise features new, Yokai-inspired monsters; classic, fire-spitting wyverns; and tremendous hunting zones packed with oddities to collect and areas to explore. This PC version has superior performance and graphical fidelity over the Nintendo Switch version but lacks cross-save and cross-platform support. Still, Monster Hunter Rise is a fantastic action RPG that’s packed with exciting combat, an expansive collection of majestic monsters, and intuitive, multiplayer action. Priced at $59.99, Rise is a must-buy PC game for action fans and Monster Hunter World fans, alike.

What’s new in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has been out for a while now, and many of you have been waiting for the game to come out on the Nintendo Switch. This, in turn, has led to some questions about support for cross-play and the like. Well, that’s the deal with the Switch version of Monster Hunter: World, if you’re an American who pre-ordered the game and wants to play the local version on the Switch. Cross-play is available, but rather than being available for you, the game appears on the Switch as a separate app. To use the Switch version of the game, you’ll need to have a subscription to the Play Anywhere app; that means if you don’t want to be tied down to a specific Switch console, you can move the game to any other device in the house.

Gameplay revelations from Rising

There’s a lot to like in Monster Hunter: Rise, and we’ll get to that in a second. The rise comes with a few new challenges, such as a pesky Snowyressor, who has a habit of wintering in South America, or a Great Bear who loves to live in the Arctic. The game also comes with a brand new Monster, the Dragon Slayer, who is guided by a spirit and able to free roam the world and find his way anywhere he wants.
After the game’s release, players will also be able to pick up the Remoteplay addon for the game, which features voice chat, remote Mac and Remote, and GameStop discounts. Now, for the things that are different, Rise comes with improved performance, load times, and a better camera. The graphics are also more realistic, with more accurate snow effects, and the sound effects are more realistic at night time.

Rise is the best game in the series

(Last Updated ) In a world of bad games, Rise comes with a special feature: it’s the best game in the series, hands down. It follows the formulaic formula of its predecessors, and the sequel delivers in spades. The combat is still tight and fun, with plenty of innovations to keep fans happy. The world is even more beautiful than before, and the writing is even spot-on. The only problem here is there’s no real excuse not to buy the new game.

The PC version is better than the Switch version

In a world of bad games, and an increased focus on mobile platforms, it’s refreshing to see a premium game like Rise hitting the PC shelf. While the Switch version is older and more outdated than previous games in the series, it offers plenty of the same high-quality visuals and 4K performance as the Switch version. It also comes with cross-platform play, meaning you can play local or remotely on the computer, Mac or iOS device. The only real downside here is that the full version of Rising will set you back $119.99, compared to the cheaper Switch version of the game for $99.99.

What’s included in Rising

– New Monster: Dragon Slayer – New Tricks: Teleport, Remote Play, Remote Help, Weather Control, Remote PvP, New UI – New Sounds: New UX, New Textures, New Graphics – New Plugins: Better Pathing, Better Handling, New Effect – New Interface: New User interface – New Content: New Content!

New Tricks

– New Skill: Teleport Afterburner – New Item: New Item! – New Achievement: New Achievement! – New Word: New Word! – New Scenario: New Scenario! – New Tips and Tricks: New Tips and Tricks!

Why Buy Monster Hunter Rise?

-The PC version is better than the Switch version – the PC version comes with cross-platform play – The full version of Rising will set you back $119.99 – Bottom line: Rise is the best game in the series, hands down, you know the ins and outs of fighting monsters, how do you best collect their various forms, and defeat their various bosses? In the new Monster Hunter: Rise, you take on a variety of different roles, each with its own distinctive fighting style, and its own collection of weapons and spells. From time to time, you can also choose to assist your teammates in combat, allowing you to earn ranks and materiel. With so much to discover and explore, Rise offers something for everyone. Get ready to pounce on every unsuspecting prey you can find.

Final Words

There are few games as exciting and rewarding as Monster Hunter. For people who love action games, the transition from traditional handheld devices to PC platforms can be challenging, though, and that is where Rise comes into the picture. While not everyone will appreciate the Switch version, its vast graphical feedback, expandable content, balancing of classes, and other nuances make it a great choice for new players.
While the Switch version is nowhere near as graphically advanced as the PC version, it offers a wide range of additional features that make it a more complete experience and can be challenging for newer players to pick up. To all those who bought the PC version of Rising, and are confused as to what’s different, above all, don’t be afraid to ask, as we are too! As the saying goes, the online component is there to support professionals, so don’t be shy in asking if you aren’t sure what’s so great about it.

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