MTB Ebike Lesoos FatSky Pro – Features, Price, Availability

The E-Bike has been making quite a bit of noise in the popular mountain bike and e-MTB community in the past few years. After emerging from relative obscurity, manufacturers and designers have become more confident with their designs, and construction quality has improved. As a result, we’re seeing an increasing number of trail-tested e-MTBs that pack enough power, stability, and features to keep riders coming back for more. Read on to learn more about the Lesoos FatSky Pro, an affordable e-MTB from e-bikes manufacturer Ebike Lesbos that can tackle nearly any challenge thrown at it. Can you top this year’s Kickstarter success story? Ebikes company Ebike Lesbos announced last week that its all-new FatSky pedal-assisted bicycle (EB) has sold out on its Kickstarter campaign page.

What’s in the bag?

This is the heart of any e-bike kit, but it’s been left out on the FatSky Pro. While the FatBike has a robust build, there are few accessories to go along with it. The FatSky Pro comes with everything you need to hit the trail: a frame, fenders, a kickstand, lights, a dynamo hub, and a hard case. The case is built like a tank and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s made from Nylon 66 and is stiff enough to take some punishment when you’re touring the country. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also opt for the steel travel case that comes with the bike.

The FatSky Pro: A perfect storm of all-around performance

The FatSky Pro is the ideal e-MTB for the rider who wants a complete package that can handle any kind of trail you throw at it. This bike is stable and efficient on singletrack but will be able to power through the rough stuff on the way to the next trail. The wheel sizes are perfect; it has the right amount of suspension to remain efficient on the trail, but still provides a smooth ride on the road. The full suspension provides the right amount of plushness on the road, while still enabling the bike to be stiff enough to take on the trail. The handlebars are wide and padded for comfort, while remaining user-friendly. This e-bike comes with an affordable price tag, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality. The components are quality-made and the build is solid.

How it works: The low-down on e-MTBs

Compared to other e-bike platforms, the FatSky Pro uses a lower-powered electric motor. This bike has a basic electric motor that can provide up to 28-40W of power, which is more than enough for the job. The motor features speed and torque limited controls to ensure safe and efficient operation, as well as a protection device that will shut off the motor if the bike is in reverse. The kickstand is built into the bike’s handlebars and folds down when you’re not using it.

3 reasons why the FatSky Pro is so successful: Great Build, Good Components, and Customer Service

With its solid build, impressive component selection, and reliable performance, the FatSky Pro is a bike that can withstand anything the trail has to offer. The frame is mid-sized and can support riders weighing up to 220 pounds. The suspension fork features 120mm of travel, which gives the bike great flexibility to choose from. The Shimano drivetrain features rugged shifters and derailleurs that are perfect for the trail, as well as a durable and reliable derailleur cable. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes will bring you to a safe and secure stop on any trail, and the Avid front and rear disc brakes provide consistent, powerful stopping power even on the roughest trails.

Final words

With the FatSky Pro, Ebike Lesbos has once again proven that e-MTBs are here to stay. The bike is reliable, built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, and comes with quality components. The price is right, the durability is there to stay and the customer service is first class. What’s not to love? We think the FatSky Pro is an ideal bike for any riders who want a light and nimble trail bike that’s easy to ride and reliable.

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