Best Adjustable Spanners for DIY

Doing things for yourself around the home is always incredibly satisfying! Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er who knows their way around some tools, or are starting out your first home renovation project, there’s a place for you in the DIY world.

For those just starting out in DIY, the trusty spanner is your best friend. Its versatility is almost unmatched among tools – and they’re sold at a price point that most people can afford, even beginner DIYers. Before you start shopping for adjustable spanners, though, it’s important that you’re given the low-down on what’s what in the world of spanners.

What Are The Different Types of Spanners You’ll Use in DIY?

Spanners come in many different types, so we’re going to break down some of the adjustable spanners you’re most likely to use in your DIY projects and what they might be used for.

Crescent Spanner

This type of spanner is the most common – and will likely be the most used spanner in your arsenal of DIY spanners. It features a tightening and loosening head, which can be spun three-hundred and sixty degrees to bring either side of the spanner head together or further apart, to tighten or loosen the spanners’ grip on your nut or bolt. The aptly named crescent spanner is shaped like a crescent moon and comes in a variety of lengths and widths – with the most common being 200mm.

Plumber’s Spanner

Now, we’re not saying that you should attempt your own plumbing, if you are not confident in your abilities – however, if you are confident in your abilities and would like to try to DIY your own plumbing, then you’re going to need a plumber’s spanner. This adjustable spanner has longer jaws, to allow for reaching into hard-to-reach places. There is also sometimes a second wrench to allow for the ‘teeth’ of the spanner to be better adjusted for the width of the pipe. 

Monkey Wrench

Another, less-common type in DIY is the monkey wrench. Because this spanner has a couple of specialist applications. They are mostly used by car mechanics and HVAC technicians to allow them to reach hard-to-reach places. The difference between a monkey wrench and the plumber’s spanner is that the jaws of the wrench are thinner, and precision manufactured for specific grippage, rather than being a larger grip, with very little ‘teeth’. 

Final thoughts

One of the things to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for an adjustable spanner, is that they are made from chromium vanadium – this is a particular type of metal alloy that is rust-prohibitive. This means that your spanner set isn’t likely to rust anytime soon, if it’s made from this material. Also, be on the lookout for spanners with a rubber handle. It’s much more comfortable to grip and work with than an adjustable spanner without a handle.


Lastly, adjustable spanners are often sold as a set. It doesn’t hurt to pick up a larger set than you think you’ll need, because as you’ll learn in DIY, you can never have enough tools.

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