Inspiring Accounts to Follow to Grow Your Instagram Brand

If you’re aspiring to be an entrepreneurial or business-owner you’ll need Instagram feeds that don’t focus on the slay queens who live an extravagant lifestyles or being an influencer who posts superficial pictures.

You require some inspirational words inspirational speeches, quotes, motivational messages and business advice.

A businessperson’s life can be a bit difficult particularly when there are the fact that sales aren’t as high. This is why you need not just inspiration, but must also have Insta content that is trying to increase the reach of your business and generate more revenues.

Certain content will boost your mood and propel your business to the next step.

Here are 10 inspiring Instagram accounts that you must follow. You’ll be pushing yourself every day by checking their feeds that will strengthen your progress daily.

1. Melyssa Griffin

Griffin, a mental coach is a person to follow in order to change on your thoughts positively. The key to a successful business or being a successful owner begins with the mind.

It is essential to have a great strategy expert like Griffin to help you improve your own. Follow her on Twitter now at @melyssa_griffin to discover how to expand your brand and business by focusing on the right way.

2. Peter Voogd

If you learn from this guy and following his advice, you will be inspired to grow your business using an enlightened mindset. Voogd follows the simplest methods to achieve his goals and that is the approach I personally like.

He is the founder of Game Changers Academy and you can follow his twitter account on Twitter @peterjvoogd. You will be provided with proven content for entrepreneurs that will help you discover lucrative methods to be a successful business owner.

3. Everette Taylor

These typically are small companies and online retailers who want to stand out within their specific areas of expertise. Taylor believes in businesses that stand apart instead of being part of the crowd and resulting in his massive success story.

If you’re looking to achieve success in your own business then his Instagram account @everette provides valuable insights on his strategies.

Taylor serves as the chief executive officer of ET Enterprises, using their Instagram page as their primary customer acquisition channel. You can, too.

4. Gary Vaynerchuck

You’ll be missing an enormous amount if you’re seeking ways to promote your business without the guru. Vaynerchuck shares inspirational quotes through his Instagram account, using videos and images, targeted at those looking to get involved in the world of digital marketing.

Vaynerchuck is the founder and operator of Vaynermedia as well as Vynersports. He’s an excellent investor and marketer and you can learn the lessons he’s learned on his Twitter account on Twitter @garyvee.

5. Maria Forleo

It’s impossible to go wrong with this inspiring motivational source Marie Forleo. The daily updates she posts to your timeline will help you in reaching the full potential of an business owner.

Her site is brimming with motivational quotes that can be thought-provoking. All in all, she strives to help you overcome the pit of despair and weakness. From emotional blocks and mental breakdowns.

Follow her to keep up-to-date and informed.

6. 6amsuccess

This is a great business-oriented account that you should follow. You’ll learn to stay focussed on your business or brand even when you’re taking small steps.

With Victor Hathaway, that your biggest dreams are still relevant. He’s a highly successful coach who has helped millions of people with his the hashtag #6amsuccess.

7. Shane Feldman

As the author of Count Me In, @shane_feldman is here to assist you in making your brand’s (potential as well as existing) influence on the marketplace.

If your aim is to transform your company into an evolving social movement, you’ll be on the right path following his example.

You’ll realize that you don’t have to work hard to achieve success. All you need is the right methods, strategies and techniques and you’ll learn how you can manage your business on a day at a time , and still succeed.

8. Natalie Franke

How can you create an outstanding business without connections? Franke insists that it should not always be about competing in the business.

You might not be able to comprehend this, or even know how to properly respond to it until you study the guide. He breaks it down into pieces to make it easier for you to understand.

The handle of her has been changed to @nataliefranke She is a prolific writer of thought-provoking content which will teach you how to help your business reach an impressive level.

9. Lilyestrom Amber

Who else would you like to follow if you weren’t an internationally acclaimed brand strategist, innovator, as well as a business mentor? This type of personality can help you move closer to achieving your marketing goals and dreams of sales.

Revivify your business with the help of a powerful force such as the account @amberlyestrom in Instagram.

Do you have a desire to multi-task in your work? Perhaps in a really easy way that will make you successful on every level? Try it.

10. Sir Richard Branson

It is possible to follow Richard Branson on Twitter to engage in more conscious social actions.

In the wake of this bizness magnet you will notice a change in your attitude to business.

Branson is an advocate of attitude in business. He said that a lot of things can be achieved when brands adopt the right mindset. You should learn more about this and then take action that will help you eliminate negative beliefs that could have slowed the growth of your business.


These are the business mentors that you should follow on Instagram to expand your perspective and expand your perspective in the field of entrepreneurialism.

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