How to ring doorbell installation

The Ring doorbell is one of the most well-known names in home security.

Ring is one of the first smart doorbells that turn doorbells into their own security system.

Ring, the company that made its name selling remote-controlled lawn sprinklers, now makes doorbells that can send alerts to your phone

Installing a Ring smart video doorbell is an easy smart home upgrade that’s one of the easiest to tackle.

A Ring video doorbell will send alerts to your smartphone and smart speakers to tell you when there’s someone at your door so you can see and talk to them.

This is handy for making sure you don’t miss a visitor as well as for keeping an eye on packages if you’re not home.

How to ring doorbell installation


  1. First, completely recharge the battery of the doorbell’s remote control by plugging it into the included USB.
  2. Start the Ring app on your mobile device and follow the setup instructions.
  3. If you’ve read all the instructions and are sure that you’ve followed them properly, you can install the doorbell now, Make sure to turn off the power before you start working. Otherwise you may get hurt by touching live wires.
  4. Replace the existing doorknob with a wireless doorbell, remove the wires, and attach the device to the outside of the door. Here is guide about Ring doorbell live view not working.
  5. Next, it’s time to find a place for the doorbell on your wall. You’ll have to install the level onto the wall before you start, so make sure you attach the level to the floor first, and then to the wall, or else you’ll end up installing.
  6. Next, it’s time to wire the doorbell into the wall. Using the included screwdriver, loosen the two terminal screws on the back of the doorbell. In order to secure the doorbell wires, first, secure the terminal screws. Second, the doorbell wires will need to be secured to one and the exposed parts shouldn’t be touching. Make sure they’re attached securely.
  7. Feed all the wires back into the wall and secure your doorbell to the wall using the provided screws. Remove the mini-level and place the faceplate on the doorbell, starting at the top and then snapping into place on the bottom.
  8. This wrench allows you to switch the included screwdriver bit to the star-shaped end, and use that tool to tighten and loosen screws. You can’t turn the power to your breaker back on.


The Chime works just like any other traditional doorbell chime box.

If you have Ring and want to make sure no one is ringing your doorbell, AChimePro is a Ring doorbell backup system that works the same as Ring.

You can use a Ring with a wired or battery-powered doorbell.

  • Plug the Chime into an electrical outlet between your Wi-Fi router and your Ring doorbell. Open the Ring app on your smartphone and tap Set up device.
  • Choose Chime or Chime Pro depending on which device you have. When it’s time for a break, click Chime Pro, then tap Connect. Here is guide about Ring doorbell not connecting to wifi.
  • Select the doorbell’s name in the list of available doorbells, then tap Connect to Chime Pro.


In conclusion, when it comes to ringing doorbells, you should always try to install them yourself. If you are having trouble installing your doorbell, there are a few things that you should know.

First, you should check the instructions that came with the doorbell. Second, you should make sure that the doorbell is working properly. Third, you should test the doorbell by ringing it in front of the house.

If you can hear the bell ring, then you know that the doorbell is working correctly. Finally, you should make sure that the doorbell is installed correctly.

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