Top 5 Must-Complete Tasks in SEO

Many businesses find the necessity to invest in search engine optimization. However, doing full SEO requires a lot of effort and time. It consists of technical, on-page, and off-site branches. Therefore it is important to know how to prioritize tasks and complete them in the correct order.

In this brief guide, you will learn 5 SEO tasks to complete when starting SEO for your business.

Keyword research

Keyword research might not be the first task to complete when you start working on your website, but it is crucial to complete it appropriately. Keyword research refers to finding and revealing the keywords that potential website visitors might ask the search engine to find the equivalent result.

So, if your business provides marketing services to other businesses, your website should be responsive to the search inquiry, such as “best marketing agency in Toronto”. To learn that, you can either do manual research of keywords or use several SEO tools to help your find short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Optimize content

Optimization of your blog page or, in general, the content, including blog articles, product descriptions, or posts, is an important task to complete. Through optimized content, you will increase the chances of increasing website traffic. Especially, when doing e-commerce SEO, it is crucial that your content gets optimized for potential buyers to find specific products and make purchases from your business easily.

When optimizing the content, pay attention to the headlines, meta tags and meta descriptions, headings, and word count. Make it responsive to different types of search inquiries, and you will learn the benefits of optimized content.

Competitor analysis

If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, doing competitor analysis is another must-complete SEO task. Upon completing this task,

you will learn what your competitors are doing on behalf of organic SEO, their best practices, and the mistakes to avoid. Competitor analysis can be done through SEO tools to fasten the process and get data-driven results. To keep this and other similar tasks in order, make the use of andcards, a management system for better work management.

Backlink monitoring

Backlink monitoring is another important task. It includes building backlinks from reputable websites, observing the previously built links, finding the “no mention” brand names, etc.

You can also observe the links that your competitors have and outreach to the same websites to build backlinks. Therefore, this step will not only work best for your SEO strategy but also will affect your competitor’s statistics.

Technical audit

When you just get involved in SEO for your business, it is important to complete a technical audit of your website. It tackles the technical aspect of your website and aims to reveal what is wrong and what can be changed to make your website more technically ready for SEO. Make sure to have a secured website, speed up the site loading time, check the URLs, canonical tags, etc.

Wrapping up

To keep your SEO journey organized, you should start with some essential and emergent tasks, such as a technical audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, and optimizing site content. With these must-complete SEO tasks, your website will get improved.

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