How to change the devolo wireless extender password?

The devolo wifi extender is the smart device that will boost the signal range of your wireless router. You can use this extender if you are suffering from dead zones areas issues. It will eliminate all the weak spots and provide a high speed and wide coverage. You can easily connect your wireless router with the devolo wireless extender and enjoy a wide range in the whole house. This multi-function repeater comes with dual band frequencies of 2.4ghz and 5ghz. It will provide you a high speed of 300mbps and support to connect with any other wireless devices. You can easily access the login panel by using the username or devolo wireless extender password. You can easily use this device in your offices/houses.

The devolo extender fully supports 2.4GHZ network. By using this range you can easily enjoy seamless network coverage over large and tough areas. Moreover, This repeater also works as an access point, router, repeater mode. The configuration process of this repeater is simple and effortless. The devolo wifi extender setup can be easily done within a few minutes. There are two ways you can use WPS method or online web browsing.

What is the default devolo wireless extender password?

To use all the features of your devolo extender you must need to complete the configuration. In order to complete you must need to open the login interface. This can be done simply, Just connect your device mobile/pc/laptop with the devolo network. Then simply open any web browser, At the top corner in the URL box type the default IP Address. A new admin login interface will appear on your screen. Here you need to enter the username or password. You can use “ADMIN” as default credentials.

All these details are already mentioned on the device manual PDF. carefully read it and follow all the given instructions. Be sure that you must connect your device with the same network, In which device you are trying to access the admin login panel. We recommend you to change the default login password after configuring all the settings of your device.

Steps to change devolo wireless extender password

You can easily change the admin login password by using the simple steps. But in the administration center there are lots of settings available. It may be confusing for a new user. So here are some simple steps that you can follow in order to change.

Connect your smart device to repeater network

Before going to change the password, You must need to access the login panel. To do this take your device near to the repeater range. Then simply open any web browser. Type the devolo default ip address (given on the manual). A new login interface will appear on your computer screen. To make login here enter “ADMIN” and tap to login. You can connect your device with the repeater using an LAN cable. Simply take an ethernet cable and connect one end with your device and another with the repeater ethernet port.

Login to your repeater

After connecting your repeater to the device, It may show “NO INTERNET” status on the network icon. Don’t worry after configuring the settings you can easily access the internet. After connecting simply login to your repeater by using devolo wireless extender password. Keep in mind that you can access the login page. If your device is not connected with the same network ever. During login carefully check all the details and read the manual properly. Connect the ethernet cable properly.

Change login password

After logging to your repeater account you must change the login password. Because if you did not do that anyone can access your administration center and can make unwanted changes. To make changes after login click to the settings icon on your admin center. Then click the device management option. Here click to the password section. In this page click to the username field. Keep a username for your login. Set a new login password by clicking on the password section. We recommend you to choose a strong password. After that, click to apply. You will be log out automatically. Now, You can login again by using a new password.

Showing failed to login?

Sometimes during login you can face error’s not need to worry. This issue can occur due to many reasons. Clear all the history of your web browser or update it. Maybe the setup page is under maintenance. Try to access it after sometime.

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