Best 5 Simple Procedure to Get Free Spins in Coin Master

Coin Master is a popular mobile game that combines elements of strategy, building, and slot machines. One of the key resources in the game is spins, which allow players to earn coins, attack other players’ villages, and raid their treasure. While spins are essential for progressing in Coin Master, acquiring them can sometimes be a challenge. In this article, we will explore five simple procedures that can help you obtain free spins in Coin Master.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Procedure 1: Connecting with Facebook
  3. Procedure 2: Daily Rewards
  4. Procedure 3: Inviting Friends
  5. Procedure 4: Participating in Events
  6. Procedure 5: Joining Online Communities
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


In Coin Master, spins are crucial for maintaining a steady flow of coins and unlocking new features. While spins can be purchased with real money, there are several methods to obtain them for free. By following the procedures outlined in this article, you can maximize your spin count without spending any money.

Procedure 1: Connecting with Facebook

Linking your Coin Master account with Facebook is an excellent way to receive free spins. By connecting with Facebook, you can invite friends to play the game, share rewards, and receive spins as gifts. Additionally, Coin Master often runs special promotions and events exclusively for Facebook-connected players, providing even more opportunities to earn spins.

Procedure 2: Daily Rewards

Coin Master offers daily rewards to its players. By logging in every day, you can claim these rewards, which often include free spins. The more consecutive days you log in, the better the rewards become. Make it a habit to check in to Coin Master regularly and take advantage of these daily rewards to accumulate free spins over time.

Procedure 3: Inviting Friends

Inviting your friends to play Coin Master can be mutually beneficial. When your friends accept your invitation and start playing, both of you can receive free spins. Coin Master encourages players to invite their friends by offering enticing rewards for successful referrals. So, gather your friends and embark on the Coin Master journey together, enjoying the benefits of extra spins along the way.

Procedure 4: Participating in Events

Coin Master frequently organizes in-game events that provide various rewards, including free spins. These events may require you to complete specific tasks, achieve milestones, or compete with other players. Participating actively in these events can earn you a substantial number of spins. Keep an eye on the event calendar and make sure to join in whenever an event offers spins as a reward.

Procedure 5: Joining Online Communities

Online communities and forums dedicated to Coin Master are excellent resources for obtaining free spins. Many players generously share their extra spins or provide tips on how to earn them. By actively participating in these communities, you can connect with fellow Coin Master enthusiasts, trade spins, and discover new strategies. Join popular Coin Master groups on social media platforms or explore dedicated Coin Master forums to tap into this network of spin-sharing and knowledge.


In conclusion, acquiring free spins in Coin Master is possible through various procedures. By connecting with Facebook, claiming daily rewards, inviting friends, participating in events, and joining online communities, you can steadily increase your spin count without spending any money. Implement these strategies consistently, and watch your Coin Master journey flourish as you accumulate spins and unlock new possibilities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I get free spins without spending real money? Yes, by following the procedures outlined in this article, you can obtain free spins in Coin Master without spending any real money.
  2. How often do daily rewards reset? Daily rewards in Coin Master reset every 24 hours. Make sure to log in regularly to claim your rewards.
  3. Are there any limitations on inviting friends? Coin Master may impose certain limitations on the number of friends you can invite within a specific time frame. Refer to the game’s guidelines for more information.
  4. Can I participate in events without spending spins? Yes, events in Coin Master often provide opportunities to earn spins. Some events may require spins to participate, while others offer spins as rewards for completing tasks or milestones.
  5. How do I join online communities for Coin Master? You can join online communities for Coin Master by searching for dedicated groups on social media platforms or exploring Coin Master forums and discussion boards.

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