7 Types of Kurtis You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

If you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply someone who loves to stay on top of the latest trends, having a versatile wardrobe is essential. When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, kurtis are a popular choice for women across the globe. are not only comfortable and stylish but also suitable for various occasions. In this article, we will explore seven types of  that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The Versatility of
  2. Anarkali Kurtis: Regal and Timeless
  3. Straight-Cut Kurtis: Classic and Chic
  4. A-Line Kurtis: Flattering and Elegant
  5. Indo-Western Kurtis: Fusion of Tradition and Modernity
  6. Shirt-Style Kurtis: Casual and Trendy
  7. Kaftan Kurtis: Effortless and Bohemian
  8. Flared Kurtis: Graceful and Feminine
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Introduction: The Versatility of Kurtis

Kurtis have become a wardrobe staple for women of all ages due to their versatility and comfort. They are essentially long or short tunics that can be paired with various bottom wear like leggings, palazzos, skirts, or even jeans. come in different styles, cuts, and patterns, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. Let’s dive into the seven must-have types of kurtis that can elevate your fashion game.

Anarkali Kurtis: Regal and Timeless

Anarkali kurtis derive their name from the Mughal era and are known for their flared silhouette. These are fitted on the upper torso and flare out from the waist, giving a regal and elegant look. Anarkali kurtis are perfect for festive occasions, weddings, and traditional celebrations. They are often adorned with intricate embroideries, embellishments, and beautiful dupattas.

Straight-Cut Kurtis: Classic and Chic

Straight-cut kurtis are characterized by their straight silhouette, which falls parallel to the body’s contours. These are simple, elegant, and can be worn for both casual and formal events. They can be paired with leggings for a traditional look or with jeans for a more contemporary vibe. Straight-cut are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe due to their timeless appeal.

A-Line Kurtis: Flattering and Elegant

A-line kurtis are named after the shape they resemble, creating an ‘A’ silhouette. These are fitted at the waist and gradually flare out towards the hem, creating a flattering look for all body types. A-line can be worn for office meetings, casual outings, or even social gatherings. They offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and elegance.

Indo-Western Kurtis: Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Indo-Western kurtis combine traditional Indian elements with contemporary Western designs. These feature unique cuts, asymmetrical hems, fusion prints, and innovative drapes. They are perfect for fashion-forward individuals who want to experiment with their looks. Indo-Western can be paired with jeans, palazzos, or even skirts to create a fashionable fusion ensemble.

Shirt-Style Kurtis: Casual and Trendy

Shirt-style kurtis are inspired by Western shirts but infused with Indian aesthetics. These feature a collared neckline, front buttons, and sometimes even pockets. They are versatile and can be styled in multiple ways. Shirt-style are ideal for casual outings, college days, or when you want to add a trendy touch to your everyday look.

Kaftan Kurtis: Effortless and Bohemian

Kaftan kurtis are loose, flowy, and exude a bohemian vibe. They are usually made from lightweight fabrics and feature relaxed silhouettes. Kaftan are perfect for summer days, beach vacations, or any event where you want to feel comfortable yet stylish. These can be paired with leggings, shorts, or even worn as a standalone dress.

Flared Kurtis: Graceful and Feminine

Flared kurtis, as the name suggests, have a pronounced flare that starts from the upper torso or waist. These create a graceful and feminine look, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Flared can be worn for parties, cultural events, or even as bridal attire. They are often embellished with intricate designs, making them a statement piece.


In conclusion, kurtis are a versatile and essential addition to every woman’s wardrobe. They offer comfort, style, and the ability to create various looks for different occasions. From regal Anarkali kurtis to effortless kaftans, each type of kurti brings its unique charm. By having these seven types of in your wardrobe, you’ll be well-prepared to slay any fashion game that comes your way.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can I wear a kurti for formal occasions? A1. Yes, you can wear a straight-cut or A-line kurti for formal occasions by pairing it with well-fitted bottoms and appropriate accessories.

Q2. Are kurtis suitable for all body types? A2. Absolutely! are available in various cuts and styles that flatter different body types, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Q3. Can I wear kurtis with jeans? A3. Yes, pairing with jeans is a popular and trendy combination that gives a fusion look.

Q4. How can I style an Anarkali kurti? A4. Anarkali look best when paired with leggings or churidars. Add some statement earrings and a beautiful dupatta to complete the look.

Q5. Are flared kurtis suitable for weddings? A5. Yes, flared kurtis with intricate designs and embellishments are often chosen as bridal attire or for attending weddings and festive events.

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